Developed by a team of veteran mortgage bankers and technology professionals, Own Up has built a premier mortgage lending and refinancing marketplace designed to deliver a superior customer experience. With its keen focus on helping prospective borrowers navigate their options, Own Up leverages its own expertise to negotiate better rates and terms on behalf of clients. Own Up’s personalized approach combined with a streamlined application means that borrowers seeking to compare offers or even attain better terms have a trusted partner guiding them throughout the process.

Own Up - The Basics

Loan Types Offered

Purchase, Refinancing, Cash-Out Refinance

Additional Loan Programs


Loan Terms Available

Fixed rate: 10 to 30 years
Adjustable rate: 3/1 to 10/1

Minimum Credit Score


Origination Fees

Depends on Lender

Lender Type


Down payment

0% to 20% depending on loan selected

Who is Own Up For? 

It’s worth noting that Own Up is not a mortgage lender, but rather a marketplace that connects borrowers with a wide network of lending partners.  Although most marketplaces just connect borrowers with pre-approved lenders, Own Up goes the extra distance by assigning each user a dedicated expert home advisor who walks borrowers through the entire process from pre-approval to negotiating better terms with possible lenders.

This emphasis on guiding customers with one-on-one service along with the technological approach makes it a very relevant option for first-time home buyers unfamiliar with mortgage applications who prefer personalized support and assistance.  In addition, Own Up also has services designed for individuals interested in acquiring investment properties, second homes, and even refinancing existing mortgages with better terms.

Loan Types Offered

Own Up’s marketplace is focused on helping borrowers access the best terms for mortgage loans and mortgage refinancing depending on their qualifications. Moreover, Own Up can even help individuals who have already applied for loan offers compare their options and negotiate better terms with lenders. Though the company’s services do not address lines of credit or home equity loans because it is not a direct lender, it’s network of carefully vetted partner lenders originate several types of mortgage loans:

  • Conventional Mortgages (fixed rate and ARM)
  • Mortgage Refinancing Loans
  • Cash Out Refinancing
  • VA Loans
  • FHA Loans
  • HELOC and HELO's

Loan and Repayment Terms

After selecting the type of financing you want and filling out a short questionnaire to build a borrower profile, Own Up home expert advisors will present you with a range of loan terms and rates you’re pre-qualified to receive. When comparing loans through Own Up, there are several terms available depending on the mortgage type, with fixed rate repayment durations ranging between 10 and 30 years. Adjustable-rate mortgages are available in 3/1 to 10/1 variations.

Because Own Up is not directly a lender, interest rates are determined by the lenders within its network depending on a variety of borrower characteristics and the chosen loan program.  This means that loan rates can vary widely based on the pre-qualified options presented to prospective borrowers.  Additionally, because of the range of loans available from Own Up’s partner lenders, the minimum down payment can range between 0.00% to 20.00% based on the loan type and borrower qualifications.

Own Up Loan Features

Unlike other online marketplace lending options, Own Up is intent on building borrower relationships. After filling out a brief questionnaire on the website to build a profile without sensitive information like social security numbers or a hard credit check, borrowers are assigned a dedicated home advisor who will guide them through the entire process, including loan closing.

Should borrowers encounter any difficulties, knowing they have a trusted expert to help them navigate any complications or negotiate on their behalf with lenders adds an extra layer of assurance.  Individuals who also seek to learn more will find a range of valuable educational materials contained within the Resources section of the website.  From tips about buying a home for first-time buyers to DIY ways to improve your home’s value, the experts at Own Up provide useful knowledge and advice that a range of borrowers will appreciate.

Borrowers will also appreciate Own Up’s transparent terms. Own Up is paid 0.30% of total loan amount directly by the lender, well below the industry standard of 1.15% paid on average to mortgage brokers.  Furthermore, users who seek to benefit from the tools and guidance that Own Up provides or use the negotiation services with a lender outside Own Up’s network have no obligation to pay Own Up anything for their assistance.

Customer Support

One of the most advantageous reasons to work with Own Up revolves around its stellar customer service and support. Apart from the commitment to help users navigate the entire process, even through closing, Own Up’s expert advisors work entirely on behalf of clients.  Because of its transparent compensation model, Own Up is dedicated to delivering the best possible results for borrowers, aligning everyone’s interests.

Apart from having an assigned expert advisor, Own Up can be also contacted through a live chat feature embedded directly within the site, email, and phone. Moreover, for individuals curious about how the process works, Own Up’s role, and the costs, the FAQ section of the website contains very descriptive answers.


Own Up is proof that technology can naturally complement the borrowing process thanks to the inclusion of personalized one-on-one assistance and transparency when it comes to discussing costs.  From meeting an advisor over the phone to reviewing possible loan options and eventually closing the loan, Own Up is on hand to assist during every stage, giving prospective borrowers the confidence needed to secure the best possible loan terms.